Binary Clock

Binary Clock 1.0

Display the time in a unique way on your PDA


  • Provides a nice visual time effect for your PDA


  • Not a very intuitive way of checking the time
  • Few options

Not bad

Forget learning English, Spanish or German, if you want to be friends with computers then you'll need to speak binary. Unfortunately you'd need millions of years to become completely fluent, but at least you can make a start by installing this simple clock app, which displays the time in binary format.

Essentially just a bit of fun, the program shows you the current time coded in a series of lights which are either turned off or on. Once you've learned how the system works it'll be amusing for a while and will get you thinking about how the binary language works, but it's ultimately a pretty lame way of telling the time.

Install the Binary Clock on your Pocket PC PDA and display the time in a unique and stylish way. The clock is simple to use - it just takes a little getting used to!

The three columns on the interface represent hours, minutes and seconds. In order to tell the time you must total up the value of all the lights in a particular column that are on.

Binary Clock


Binary Clock 1.0

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